The history of Megabattle

April 19, 2021

The year is 2235 and the current population of human beings remaining on planet Earth is less than 100,000. This is the result of a mysterious AI that appeared on earth, demanding its total domination or the total extermination of the human race. This artificial intelligence is the terrible Megabot, a perfect war machine that nobody knows where it came from. Megabot believes that conscious life forms are a virus that only consume all the resources of the planets they inhabit. That is why it invades planets and makes an offer: either all the inhabitants turn into machines like him, or all will be eliminated. Many planets tried to fight and were decimated, only 6 accepted the terms of the Megabot and of these 6 planets we have the 6 largest manufacturers of robot parts in the universe, they are: Blastes, Ewall, Freezeltronic, Powertrix, Pyron and Tiltex. These industries produce parts such as the characteristics of the extinct inhabitants of their planets and these technologies have helped to make the Megabot even stronger, as it can adapt to any situation. The planet that had the most developed AI and that offered the most resistance to Megabot's plans was Earth. The AI ​​War, as it was called, which took place in 2188 lasted 28 years and ended up making Megabot want to punish the remaining Terrans. The few who are left now are slaves, and are forced to build robots and fight in arenas scattered throughout the universe to entertain the high class of robots. The arena is Megabot's favorite place of fun and to win you need to know everything about the machines and be able to build the strongest Bot and the best battle strategy. Do not miss too many games in the tournaments, as it will be your end. . After the war and almost 20 years of domination, humans are tired of being treated this way and are planning a way to end the machines, starting with the destruction of Megabot. The best assemblers on Earth are teaming up to create a very powerful bot that is stronger than Megabot. During the MegaBattle, which will be the biggest robot fighting event ever seen in the universe, the assemblers will unite in secret and battle to discover the best pieces and in the end be able to form the best bot this galaxy has ever seen. Willl it be enough to stop the evil Megabot?