How it started

April 19, 2021

Although Megabattle is a robot game, it actually started as a football (soccer) game. It was supposed to be a mix of card game and chess, with players moving on a board and the player would have different skills and movements. Each player would belong to a team and that team had it's strategy cards, that would improve the players skills and movements. From that idea came Megabots, where instead of soccer players we have parts to assemble a bot and instead of strategy cards there is battle cards. Megabots? You might be wondering. It was the first name of Megabattle, that we had to change because it was already taken. When the game was still Megabots the idea was to release it as a physical game and the visual of the game was like the image you see on this article. As soon as we started to design the physical game we started to wonder if a digital game would work as well. After a few months of tests we realized that the game would work a lot better as a digital game. Making physical card games is hard, it's hard and expensive to print, there is shipping and logistic cost and the market is limited to the place where you live. So we had a pretty easy decision to drop the idea of making a physical game and start making a digital game. Then we started the adventure of finding a developer (we knew nothing about making digital games) and deciding which platform to make our game. But that is a talk for another post.